Why Is Shrimp The Best Bait To Use To Catch More Fish?

Why Is Shrimp The Best Bait To Use To Catch More Fish?

Shrimp is versatile. It can be used to catch more fish in the ocean, rivers, estuary’s and lake fishing. Most species will be attracted to shrimp and shrimp is readily available in supermarkets, deli’s, gas stations and fishing shops.

Shrimp also sticks strongly to hooks and can easily be used for multiple casts. When attaching shrimp to your hook you should first push the hook through the tail end of the shrimp. Keep pushing the shrimp onto the hook, turning the shrimp so the shape of the shrimp matches the curve of the hook. Try to cover as much of the hook as you can with the body of the shrimp.

Once on your hook, the shrimp will either catch you a fish or last you around 3 or 4 casts before it will eventually fall off. Considering you can get a bag of around 30 shrimp for a few dollars it also works out as an inexpensive bait option.

Some people de-shell their shrimp before placing it on the hook whilst others do not. Some people don’t use the shrimp heads while others do. It usually all depends on the day, the conditions and the fish species you are chasing. I have known people however that have caught fish using a whole untouched shrimp (head and all). I have also seen our shrimp bait supply run out and my fishing partners using just the heads of yesterdays shrimp to great effect.

So get out there and try fishing with some shrimp today.

Other baits are also available which work quite well in lots of conditions. Squid and octopus are two other bait options that work well and are also readily available.

Gary Clark