Thinking Of Selling Your Boat?

Thinking Of Selling Your Boat?

Thinking of selling your boat? Perhaps you want a bigger one? Perhaps you wanted to purchase a smaller one? Maybe you don’t think boating is for you? If you want to get your boat ready to sell it below are a few tips which may help you get a few more dollars than you were hoping for:

Keep it clean – obviously keep the boat tidy and wash off any salt. Potential buyers want to know that you look after your boat.

Have receipts of any work done handy and offer to show them to prospective buyers.

Wax your boat. This may take a good few hours but the result will be fantastic.

Try to sell in the boating months. You will have more demand and more interest in summer than you would in winter.

Be available. Make sure you can show someone your boat when they want and try to cater for them.

Offer accessories with the sale. You cant really use a wakeboard when you have no boat to tow it behind. Think of including all safety gear, fishing lines etc.

Be reasonable with what you are asking. Although it’s nice to get a good figure, don’t lose a sale over a couple of hundred dollars and don’t ask more than you think it’s worth.

Gary Clark