The Best Pest Control In Charlotte

Pest Control – A Necessity For All Homeowners

If you live in any of the following Charlotte, NC zip codes, you may need the best pest control In Charlotte NC have a problem with pesky pests. These pesky critters are from an emergent family called Strigillidae. They are highly destructive and cause damage to a home by living outdoors and feeding on the human or pet body. Commonly referred to as “venomous” insects because they inject a lethal toxin through their body when they bite, they can spread viruses and other harmful germs. They are more often than not found in the kitchen, living inside the garbage or on the carpet.


What can be done about these ravenous creatures? The most common way to deal with them is to call a pest control expert who will come to your home and assess the situation. If he determines that your home has an infestation, he can offer various options for treatment. Some of these treatments include fumigation, which fumbs out the pests and their eggs; chemicals such as Baits and aerosols which kill the adult pests and their larvae; traps to capture and kill unfriendly insects; and pest control baits, which release a poison that kills adult pests and stops them from reproducing. In severe infestations, the extermination team might also use heat or gas to exterminate the population. The most common and effective method of extermination is poison bait, but in some cases, homeowners are asked to remove existing pests to reduce the risk of contact with toxins and insecticides.


When calling a pest control expert, it’s helpful to have an idea of what types of pests you currently have in your home. This will save time and hassle when he assesses the situation and determines the best way to exterminate your pest infestation. Some common species are cockroaches, ants, silverfishes, spiders, and wood-worms. Your pest control specialist should be able to help you figure out more specific pests in your home by examining photos, identifying them by their shape or color, and determining the most appropriate treatment for them.

Gary Clark