Fishing’s Best Kept Secrets Revealed

Fishing’s Best Kept Secrets Revealed

If you go fishing from your boat it can be both an exhilerating and rewarding experience. You can however learn many things that will help you catch more fish next time you are out on your boat. The art of catching fish is great fun and everyone always wants to catch the biggest fish and heaps of them. So have a read to learn some tricks and secrets to help you catch more next time you go boating.

It is always essential to fish with the correct equipment and gear from your boat. You should purchase some high quality rods and reels but be sure to steer clear from the 12 foot beach rods. You should purchase particular rods targeted at the type of fishing you will be doing but as a general rule the standard egg beater is acceptable for most kinds of fishing. Before you get out there, you should also own some good quality sinkers, fishing line, hooks, swivels, tackle box and a sharp knife.

The bait you use should be aimed towards the species you will be trying to catch. Always buy bait that looks fresh and be sure to keep it chilled until you need to use it. Always try to purchase a few different kinds of bait so you have some variety when you are out on the water. Depending on which fish you are chasing you could also carry along some lures. It is best to be prepared and bring along a variety of baits and lures as once you are out on the water it is pretty hard to get any more.

Approach your fishing location as slowly as possible. This will prevent the fish from swimming off as soon as you get there. Once you reach the fishing spot throw some berley in straight away to attract the fish over to your boat. Get your lines prepared with as small a sinker as possible and have rigs setup to target the species you are after.

After this is done you will ready to get going and start catching some fish. As soon as you start fishing you should feel closely for any bites and stay patient. If you get a few bites you should strike back on the rod or reel to try to set the hook into the fishes mouth. If the immediate striking doesn’t work try doing it later to see what works best. Every species of fish strike a piece of bait at different times so experiment and see what works best for you.

If you have got a fish on your line it is time to bring it in. You will need to keep the line tight at all times to prevent the fish from spitting the hook out and swimming away. If you are fishing with a rod, pull the rod back and then proceed to reel in as the rod falls back down to parallel with the water. Never point the rod upwards more than 45 degrees or it may break.

A fish should be reeled in slowly and constantly so take your time and savour the experience. Using a net will help you get the fish out of the water. Most fish get lost when you try to pull them onboard so a net will prevent these losses from happening. Pliers will also help you to remove the hook from the fish. If you do not intend to keep the fish that you have just caught it is vital to get it back into the water as quickly as possible.

All fish are coated with oil so minimal handling ensures they have maximum chance of survival. The above is a good guide of catching fish but before you catch them you need to find them. You should look for darker water, with a ranging array of ocean bottom. Using a fish finder or GPS will also help you find steep cliffs and drop off’s where fish like to locate. Give each location you try a good go but if you have no luck try changing spots.

Try looking for where other boats are fishing and try next to them but remember to keep an acceptable distance away from their exact spot. So keep these fishing tips in your head and get out there and have a go. Keep reading and asking questions to find out as much about fishing as you can. All good fishermen and women learned how to fish from somewhere so don’t be afraid to keep learning more.

Gary Clark