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Entrepreneurship should begin with a solid business plan. You can find a simple business plan template by signing up for the “FREE” Online Business Academy. It can be found under Business Management Courses. You will also find an entrepreneurship dictionary inside the academy. The academy will help you grow your great ideas into a solid business plan. You will learn how to create a new business from scratch. Your small business ideas can now see the light of day.

Beginning entrepreneurship always includes success and failure. But what does success start with? Watch the snippet video below from John Maxwell.


Becoming an entrepreneur is hard work.

If you have been thinking about starting a business, you have found a website that has entrepreneurship ideas that you can start today.

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You will find many opportunities to make extra money from home. Build multiple streams of income without compromising your current business or job. More opportunities will be added often.

Entrepreneurship consists of starting, running and growing your business. At Daniels Business Management, you will find powerful digital products which will benefit any entrepreneur. More products will be added often.

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Included here are some “helpful” links in the internet marketing world. More links will be added often.

Entrepreneurship is vital to the health of our economy.

Female entrepreneurs are the new “Lady Bosses!”

Self-employment is growing. A statistic from January 2015 showed that 23.4% of new entrepreneurs were baby boomers between the ages of 55 & 64. Entrepreneurship is becoming a necessity. Nobody can count on a job anymore. Explore the home of Daniels Business Management. You will find many “Hope Diamonds” of information for entrepreneurship.