Charlotte North Carolina Good Bails Bondsmen

Bail Bondsman in Charlotte NC is proud to announce their continued support of help create a more environmentally responsible bail bonds service.
All Bail Bonds have been a proud supporter of since 2010 and is the only bail bonding company in the United States who can currently boast their support.

All American Bail Bonds goes steps further, they not only donate annually to the cause of lessening the damage of overusing the Earths limited resources they also donate a portion of every bond written, but premium also received, to the planting of trees which help offset their carbon footprint.

All American Bail Bonds in Charlotte NC is also very proud to announce that they have finalized the electronic bail bonding process to where all the documents can be signed electronically on a notebook or PC, and rather than printed, can be electronically sent to clients via email or to their home computers or even cell phone device.

When a client chooses to have printed applications, All Bail Bonds only uses a special recycled paper which contains 50% of recycled material.

“The Bail Bond Businesses use of paper was once a necessity, as an insurance company we have to document everything we do, and in many cases, there is much redundancy is our documentation. By switching over to a computer data entry format and having the ability to have the Bail Client sign on a computer screen rather than a piece of paper we can eliminate much waste.
And from a business perspective, it helps in reducing overall cost over time, and we’re for the most part using the same equipment as before.

“The data entry aspect took a little time and much patience to learn, but once mastered I find it to be an easy system to use, and the clients I have dealt with like it because it enables them to keep their documents stored safely in their email on their home computer,” says bail agent Luke Chavez.

Gary Clark