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Here are some of the examples of websites which may be using doorway pages:

  • Domain or pages targeting specific cities or regions to redirect users to a page;
  • Websites having pages whose only sole purpose is to redirect visitors and users to a specific section of the website;
  • Pages that fully duplicate services, prices, contacts from another site;
  • Completely isolated pages that can not be reached from the other sections. Or, you can, but only links to other websites or doorway pages.

Exactly when the new ranking algorithms will take effect is not yet known. As after the Google Panda Update has already made many website rankings to be disturbed badly, example of which is EzineArticles. Now after this update the websites using Doorway Pages, will get hurt badly. It is better if you somehow have using this trick unintentionally, its time to check your website content again get rid of issues quickly, else you will find yourself in some later pages of Google. Tokyo SEO agency – 2bearsmarketing can help

We are a sophisticated SEO company that has an extensive track record in the Marketing Industry. Our team of professionals with unmatched excellence gather information from the latest social marketing research, search engine and algorithm analysis concepts, & Trends.

We have a unique method of uncovering and understanding the interrelationships between Trends, Culture, Brand, Customer Experience and Reputation. You can’t change one without affecting the others. The right strategies put it all to work. The magic lies in the conversion from strategy to creative execution.

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Article Writing

Our writers and marketers have experience in a variety of niches and industries. We understand how critical proper article writing and marketing can be to the success of a website. We fully research every new niche and write a well structured, grammatically correct, and converting article that will keep your reader’s attention to want to learn more about what your website offers. Did you know on average it takes the average person 1 hour to write an article that’s 500 words, rich in content and has a eye-grabbing title? Why waste your time on writing articles when you can leave it to the professionals to do the best job possible. We have a systematic approach to researching and writing articles that is unmatched by the average person.